December Round-up from the TIIP Community

Happy holidays from everyone at TIIP! 2021 was a watershed year for system-level investing: The second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, an on-going dialogue about racial inequities, and heightened urgency about climate change further made the case that investors can and should mitigate systemic risks within their portfolios. More and more we are seeing investors of all types using the principles of system-level investing to create long-term value and improve the underlying social and environmental systems on which the financial industry relies for returns across all asset classes. 

We are grateful for the support of friends and allies in the field while we build the market for system-level investing. As we look at ahead to opportunities for reconnection and renewal in 2022, we wanted to also reflect on what was achieved.

Here are some highlights from the past year that illustrate how system-level investing is taking hold across the industry:

21st Century Investing offers path forward for investors

In April, the publication of 21st Century Investing: Redirecting Financial Strategies to Drive Systems Change, co-authored by William Burckart and Steve Lydenberg, gave institutions and individuals the guidance and tools they need to go beyond conventional and sustainable investing to address complex problems. The book was featured in a variety of outlets and publications, including Barron’s, Forbes, and the UN PRI.

Income inequality emerges as a key systemic issue

In June, TIIP released a new report that highlights income inequality as a key systemic challenge of our time, and outlines how investors can confront income inequality and take actions that enhance their current policies and practices. The report represents TIIP’s continued focus on income inequality as a major risk to investor performance. 

TIIP creates advisory council with 11 industry experts

In September, TIIP launched its strategic Advisory Council, with inaugural members including asset owners and managers who represent a wide variety of investor segments. The Advisory Council is a “learning community” of leaders that will help determine TIIP’s future and potentially inform the system-level investment decisions of other asset owners and managers.  

CFA Institute and Societies of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia bring system-level investing to its members

In October, the CFA Institute has recognized the importance of system-level investing education and strategies and partnered with TIIP to bring its expertise to its members. We were interviewed for Market Integrity Insights, co-hosted a webinar series with the CFA Societies of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia as well as recently joined them on their podcast

Bloomberg profiles the system-level investing movement as the next phase of ESG

Also in October, Bloomberg Markets Magazine profiled the career and legacy of Steve Lydenberg, TIIP’s founder, discussing how he is building on the successes of the ESG movement he help pioneer to encourage investors to think more holistically about their investments. 

The Industry Needs Project assesses system-level investing readiness

In November, as a part of our Build the Market initiative, TIIP launched an Industry Needs Project to examine whether asset owners, intermediaries, and other financial industry stakeholders understand system-level investing, and whether they are ready to adopt system-level investing approaches. A recent two and a half minute video featuring TIIP’s Director of Research, Jessica Ziegler, explains the project in more detail

TIIP extends its network

In December, TIIP joined both the Intentional Endowments Network (IEN) and Pensions for Purpose. Monique Aiken, TIIP’s Managing Director, became a Steering Committee member of the IEN, and TIIP became a member of Pensions for Purpose in order to further its work bringing system-level investing to pension funds and asset managers.

New TIIP Video

What better way to celebrate the holidays than learning more about TIIP and its work? We created a 5 minute video to help our network understand what we are doing and the potential of system-level investing. Check it out!

Field Developments

Two Learning Opportunities from CASE at DUKE

The CASE at Duke program is offering two learning opportunities focused on ESG and impact management. One, created in partnership with the UN Development Programme, addresses strategies and best practices for both enterprises and investors looking to strengthen their impact management and contribution to the SDGs. The second is a three-session live virtual training on ESG and Impact Management training for enterprises, where C-Suite leaders, busy executives, managers, and board members will learn how to cut through the noise in the rapidly expanding ESG and impact field, immediately and confidently manage risks, and enhance their impact management practices. Use discount code TIIP200 for $200 off.

New book by Amy Domini available now

Thoughts on People, Planet, & Profit is a collection of essays about impact investing from one of the industry’s pioneers. Through short, thoughtful ruminations on everything from championing biodiversity to just saying “no” to war, Amy Domini demonstrates that when investors come together to care for the greater good, they can ensure both people and planet continue to thrive. To find out more about the author or order a copy of the book, visit 

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