The Next Frontier in Impact Investing: 2 New Books Addressing How to Invest in Systems Change

“It’s time for a big leap—a really big leap—into the future with a new era of investing,” says Bill Burckart, President of The Investment Integration Project and co-author of 21st Century Investing: Redirecting Financial Strategies to Drive Systems Change. “Doing so is not only what investment should be, but what it must be, if the financial community is to do its part to avoid a multiplicity of collapses and crises that will threaten our complex world in the coming decades, and take advantage of the opportunities that addressing these challenges head on at a fundamental level can generate not only for themselves but for all investors.”

Both authors of 21st Century Investing and another important release, Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory, joined SOCAP, a group of discussants and participants for an interactive book launch party on April 13, 2021, to discuss the examples, lessons, and opportunities for action presented in their new books. Both books seek to push the industry forward into the next frontier in impact investing.

Learn more about the launch party here.

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