Webinar: How Investors Can Identify the Big Picture Issues Which Influence Portfolio Returns

Note: See recorded webinar and slides below.

Thanks to all for attending our webinar on March 22, 2017 to go over the findings of our latest report, which offers institutional investors four guidelines for identifying “systems-level” or big picture issues that can impact absolute returns. The report argues that these investors, by virtue of their large size, can positively influence feedback loops between their portfolios and larger, global systems, thereby improving market performance and stability.

The report, Systems-Level Considerations and the Long-Term Investor: Definitions, Examples, and Actions, provides institutional investors with a framework for selecting big picture issues of focus and, consequently, managing the returns-relevant connection between portfolios and systems. In addition, the report offers examples of issues that fit the framework.  As we discussed during the webinar, such issues are: widely accepted as critical to the functioning of systems; broadly relevant to long-term investment returns; susceptible to substantive influence from investors; and likely to have a broad range of unpredictable implications and outcomes under varying levels stress.


  • William (“Bill”) Burckart – President, The Investment Integration Project (TIIP)


  • Carole M. Laible – CEO, Domini Impact Investments
  • Steven Godeke – Founder, Godeke Consulting; Board Vice Chair at Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, Inc.
  • Steve Lydenberg – CEO, The Investment Integration Project (TIIP)


00:00 to 00:47 – Introduction
00:48 to 02:01 – Agenda
02:02 to 03:17 – About TIIP
03:18 to 05:49 – Systems are Important
05:50 to 19:27 – TIIP’s Latest Report, presented by Steve Lydenberg
19:28 to 45:43 – The Investor’s Perspective with Carole M. Laible and Steven Godeke
45:44 to 48:45 – How TIIP Helps Investors Take Action
48:46 to 56:12 – Final Thoughts & Wrap-up

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