Why and How Investors are Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory: Systems-level Investing for the 21st Century

2021 may be remembered as a watershed year. Interest in systems-level investing has exploded, because of the theory’s ability to examine the feedback loops between the real world’s environmental, social and financial systems, and the capital markets.  That promises sustainability-focused investors more impact and offers financially focused investors a way to mitigate the non-diversifiable systematic risk that determines 75-94% of your return.

Three publications in the first few months of this year have led the way in examining why and how investors are embracing systems-level investing. The ICGN is hosting authors of all three for an upcoming webinar.  Jon Lukomnik, co-author of Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory: Investing That Matters will trace why finance theory is evolving and why systems-level investing is being embraced above and beyond modern portfolio theory. William Burckart, co-author of 21st Century Investing: Redirecting Financial Strategies to Drive Systems Change will discuss how to become a systems-aware investor. Mirta Kastrapelli, co-author of We Need To Talk: Why It’s Time For Institutional Investors to Embrace SDG-Aligned Investing will focus on the impact side of the equation.

ICGN Policy Director George Dallas will help explore whether this is the future of investing.

Register here.

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