21st Century Investing

21st Century Investing: Redirecting Financial Strategies to Drive Systems Change

by William Burckart and Steve Lydenberg

Two experienced and visionary authors show how institutions and individuals can go beyond conventional and sustainable investing to address complex problems such as income inequality and climate change on a deep, systemic level.


We help investors understand how healthy environmental, social, and financial systems support long-term investment. We believe that with the proper guidance and tools, investors can help to fortify these systems.


TIIP develops tools for pursuing system-level investing, an advanced sustainable investing strategy for managing systemic risks and investing in solutions to systemic problems (e.g. climate change, income inequality, economic crises).


Establish the theoretical frameworks for system-level investing

Convene industry experts to discuss system-level investing challenges and to share solutions


Identify, examine, and disseminate best practices in system-level investing

Develop frameworks for measuring and reporting on investors’ impacts on environmental, social, and financial system-level issues.


Develop system-level investing toolkits and “how-to” guides for investors, asset managers, financial advisors, and others

Assess firms’ sustainable and system-level investing strategies, recommend enhancements


System-level investing helps investors to consider the big-picture environmental, social, or financial systems’ context of their security selection and portfolio construction decisions – not at the expense of long-term investment prospects, but rather to support them.


Profitable investment depends on the health of the physical environment as a source of wealth generation necessary for future prosperity

Natural resource depletion, climate change, and decreased access to fresh water are among those systemic environmental issues that threaten investors’ futures



Societies provide the foundational cultural and legal structures upon which businesses thrive

Income inequality, poverty, poor health, and dangerous working conditions – among other things – threaten societies’ health and the businesses that depend on it


The global financial system consists of an interlocking network of laws, regulations, institutions and customs that enable the smooth functioning of markets

This system and the investors that depend on it cannot thrive without stability, trust, credibility, inclusiveness, and transparency


TIIP shares insights about system-level investing via presentations and speeches at industry events, through our publications and reports, and in blog posts and op-eds.


Addressing System Social Risk

DOWNLOAD NOW: Addressing systemic social risk: A roadmap for financial system action

The Investment Integration Project (TIIP) and the Moving the Market (MtM) Initiative—a collaboration between Humanity United, UBS Optimus Foundation, and The Freedom Fund—have released their roadmap providing policymakers, regulators, and investors with recommendations for how to make interconnected social and financial systems more resilient to inevitable future social disruptions.


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