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Assessing System-Level Investments Report

The financial industry’s increased emphasis on and adoption of sustainable investing raises several important questions: Is this trend a precursor to fundamental change in the theory and practice of investment? Is it just a passing fad? Or worse, an intentional exercise in “greenwashing”?

If it in fact represents a fundamental change in how investment is to be conducted, how do asset managers know which financial products and services and which asset managers are truly addressing the major, material systemic social and environmental challenges of our time (e.g. climate change and income inequality)?

A new guide from The Integration Investment Project, “Assessing System-Level Investments: A Guide for Asset Owners,” adapts lessons learned from forward-looking investors, foundations, and governmental agencies to help asset owners identify which managers are effectively addressing systemic challenges. It helps them to separate those managers that are genuinely committed to influence at system levels from those more narrowly protecting their portfolios from specific risks and failing to act on the systemic nature of these risks.

TIIP hosted a webinar Tuesday, May 12 at 12:00 PM ET to provide an overview of key findings from the report, as well as a discussion with practitioners attempting to put this guidance to work. Access a recording of the webinar here. (Password is: 8V#%7=Y2)


Carole Laible, CEO, Domini Impact Investments

Overview of Key Findings:

Bill Burckart, President, The Investment Integration Project (TIIP)


Jackie VanderBrug, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investment Strategy, Chief Investment Office
Jon Lukomnik, Managing Partner, Sinclair Capital and Senior Fellow, High Meadows Institute
Michael Quinn Patten, Founder and CEO, Utilization-Focused Evaluation
(Moderator) Steve Lydenberg, CEO, The Investment Integration Project (TIIP)

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